NZMRI Workshop 2013


Geometric Mechanics and Shape

Ohope Beach, 13th-19th January 2013

Geometric mechanics has its roots in the variational framework for dynamics that has been around since Euler and Lagrange. Since then, the development of Lie groups and an understanding of their role in dynamics and the work of Arnold has laid the foundations for the field. While geometric mechanics is a major field of study within itself, there has been a considerable boost in recent times from the discovery that shape matching can be approached as a generalised Euler equation on the full diffeomorphism group, with applications in medical image analysis and statistics.


Ohope Beach is the Eastern Bay of Plenty, 7km from Whakatane (which has a domestic airport). Accommodation will be in Ohope and also Whakatane, as there is a definite premium on beach housing in Ohope in January.


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For more information, email Stephen Marsland.