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In present day scenario keeping environment safe is a challenge. Energy requirements by modern world necessitates use of processes using fossil fuel as well as nuclear power plants that need safety measures for eliminating danger to personnel working in plants and the neighbouring environment. The talk discusses important sensors that are used in ensuring health safety by nuclear industry. Nuclear sensing techniques are emerging for dangerous material detection too.

Material development needs very high magnification viewing by using electron matter interaction. Several techniques that are used in high end sensing are dealt with in the talk.

Nuclear industry uses special equipment including various types of tele-operated agents, optical gadgets and support systems for safe working. The talk discusses some of these techniques for difficult applications. ‘Sensor fusion’ is an important aspect in surveillance applications for health safety implementations , these too will be discussed in adequate details.

Author’s Short Biography

Shri J.K.Mukherjee, is presently working as Out Standing Scientist and Head Electronic Instruments & Systems Division at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai India where he joined after graduation in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering in 1977 and received postgraduate training in Nuclear Engineering. He has been responsible for development of electronic and tele-robotics systems applicable to nuclear reactor control, nuclear fuel cycle, sensitive plant protection and tele-managed human safe systems for hazardous works. He leads development on specialised sensing systems development.

He specialises in 'Intelligent Automation Development’ and has wide experience of sensing technique development, sensory data abstraction, sensor based real time control and devising sensor fusion techniques in multiple domains of sensing. He has interest in modern man-machine interfaces incorporating remote perception technology, augmented reality and natural human expression based machine control.

He is DAE group achievement award recipient and his team won gold medal for indigenous development of physical protection system.

He is a member of National Steering Committee on ‘eAgriEn’ project of Ministry of Information Technology, Govt. of India.